The Merano Wine Festival is definitely richer . Twenty-eight-year-old creature of the Wine Hunter – even if now he is also becoming a great food-hunter – Helmuth K√∂cher, mind and patron of the event, from 8 to 12 November will see the beautiful town of South Tyrol become the site of a varied series of events. Starting from the core represented by more than 950 Italian and international wineries and 120 high quality gastronomic producers up to a space dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci; again, 

Naturae et Purae and Wild Cooking curated by the versatile Angelo Carrillo with a focus on the mythical figure of the oenologist Rainer Zierock the first and on the fermented foods the second, up to the dense calendar developed for The Circle. New for this edition is the convention on innovation in collaboration with H-Farm and the Wine Business Forum. An event in which the events are full, in short, with a program that will attract thousands of enthusiasts and professionals who will populate Merano for the duration of the Festival.


In the city you can not start with Andrea Fenoglio and Sissi , with its elegant liberty room, a restaurant that offers a modern cuisine full of flavor. Among the great classics, spaghetti “Monograno Felicetti Omega3”. The largest tasting menu includes 7 courses at 90 euros, paper less than ten. For those who want to stay lighter there is the 357 bistro, always the same hand with simpler dishes and some excellent pizza.

Villa Eden – The Mindful Restaurant

A five minute drive from the center is that lovely place that is Villa Eden . Here, a few months ago, a very young cook took the reins of the kitchens. Thus, in addition to the dietary proposals reserved for guests in a state-of-the-art facility with its top-notch treatments to get back in shape, Philipp Hillebrand at The Mindful Restaurant , now also open to the public, offers fun, modern and well-prepared dishes conceived, like the choreographic “prehistoric vegetables with kohlrabi milk, aromatic herbs, horseradish and ants (yes, ants ndr) of wood”. Spend between 80 and 120 euros in a context that is worth all of them.