Packing is not an easy endeavor and packing light is even more daunting. Only savvy travelers know that you need much less than you think! Packing light is not about packing less items but packing the most relevant ones. Let’s see how we can help you to pack light for your next weekend getaway sydney.


Roll instead of folding your clothing items. Choose thinner clothing or if the season doesn’t allow, it is wise to wear heavy items such as jackets, coats, long shoes, etc while traveling. Only pack what is needed. Prefer solid colors instead of the prints to maximize outfit combination.
A light hoodie and a couple of breathable shirts with your favorite pair of jeans are enough for a weekend getaway. Give yourself the luxury to carry your favorite black dress with you, maybe for a romantic dinner with your partner.


Okay! For shoes, we need to balance between style, bulk, and comfort. So you need a pair of sandals, a pair of sneakers, and a pair of formal shoes. Wear your sneakers while traveling as it will blanket more space in your suitcase. Try to multi-use the pairs and pack those with lighter weight.

Toiletries & Accessories

The toilet articles are a must and the best way to pack them while keeping light is to opt for smaller packaging of your favorite products. The hair and skin products, fragrances, shampoo, soap and conditioner, shaving cream, towel, etc, all these items would make a big bulge in your suitcase. Prefer having them in small packaging or if you don’t have time to buy them, pour them in small containers and you don’t have to carry them along on your return. For accessories carry a small backpack and put your shades, hat, water bottles, chargers, medicines, headphones in it.

Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are a charm for frequent travelers. They maximize space while keeping you organized. This helps categorize and store items separately. The freezer bags are equally helpful in terms of use yet less expensive.

Some Expert-level Tips

This is specifically for avid readers, instead of inundating your suitcase with books, swap it with a tab or e-reader to save both space and weight.
Stuff your socks, mittens, undergarments and even bodysuits in your shoes.

Weekend getaways are perfect to shed off your hectic routines away from home and office, whether you are traveling alone or with family. If you’re traveling in summers, packing light is more convenient and easy but winters packing is more challenging. In any case, we hope that the above-mentioned tips will be helpful for you to pack light for your next holiday escape.