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The Ciccone Winery and Vineyard was established in 1995. It has established its name not only by providing customers with outclass wines but also accumulated 15 years of experience with weddings and events. The lush green land provides a perfect ambiance for your dream wedding. The couple started Ciccone winery and vineyard after being inspired by the beauty of it landscape. They worked to develop this beautiful landscape for growing and preparing wines, hosting weddings, created a wine club and tasting room.

tasting room

There tasting room is located on the Hilltop with beautiful view. Live music, inviting tasting room and incomparable ambiance is perfect to spend evening here. Our Ciccone wines are 100% estate-grown, produced and bottled by our handpicked professionals here at our family winery.

The wine makers

The wine makers love to try new exciting flavors and surprise our club members with amazing taste now and then. Our club members are rewarded with two shipments every year of the wines you choose or be surprised with our wine maker’s choice.

The scenery and landscape

The scenery and landscape were too beautiful to be left alone therefore, soon it was evolved by a team of professionals.

professionals worked to prepare

The professionals worked to prepare, overseeand assist our clients in creating your dream wedding. Our breathtaking venue is a perfect package of modern style and traditionality. You can also utilize this place or our tasting room for conducting various events.

wines to weddings

From wines to weddings to other events and winery club. This place is ready to offer it all. Ciccone vineyard and winery produces award-winning European-style grape wines. Grapes for the wine are grown primarily on the hillside, providing us with good quality wine and picturesque view. Our wines are available online too and can be ordered through our site. We now offer shipment to 47 states.

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5 Tips To Pack Light For a Weekend Getaway

5 Tips To Pack Light For a Weekend Getaway

Packing is not an easy endeavor and packing light is even more daunting. Only savvy travelers know that you need much less than you think! Packing light is not about packing less items but packing the most relevant ones. Let’s see how we can help you to pack light for your next weekend getaway sydney.


Roll instead of folding your clothing items. Choose thinner clothing or if the season doesn’t allow, it is wise to wear heavy items such as jackets, coats, long shoes, etc while traveling. Only pack what is needed. Prefer solid colors instead of the prints to maximize outfit combination.
A light hoodie and a couple of breathable shirts with your favorite pair of jeans are enough for a weekend getaway. Give yourself the luxury to carry your favorite black dress with you, maybe for a romantic dinner with your partner.


Okay! For shoes, we need to balance between style, bulk, and comfort. So you need a pair of sandals, a pair of sneakers, and a pair of formal shoes. Wear your sneakers while traveling as it will blanket more space in your suitcase. Try to multi-use the pairs and pack those with lighter weight.

Toiletries & Accessories

The toilet articles are a must and the best way to pack them while keeping light is to opt for smaller packaging of your favorite products. The hair and skin products, fragrances, shampoo, soap and conditioner, shaving cream, towel, etc, all these items would make a big bulge in your suitcase. Prefer having them in small packaging or if you don’t have time to buy them, pour them in small containers and you don’t have to carry them along on your return. For accessories carry a small backpack and put your shades, hat, water bottles, chargers, medicines, headphones in it.

Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are a charm for frequent travelers. They maximize space while keeping you organized. This helps categorize and store items separately. The freezer bags are equally helpful in terms of use yet less expensive.

Some Expert-level Tips

This is specifically for avid readers, instead of inundating your suitcase with books, swap it with a tab or e-reader to save both space and weight.
Stuff your socks, mittens, undergarments and even bodysuits in your shoes.

Weekend getaways are perfect to shed off your hectic routines away from home and office, whether you are traveling alone or with family. If you’re traveling in summers, packing light is more convenient and easy but winters packing is more challenging. In any case, we hope that the above-mentioned tips will be helpful for you to pack light for your next holiday escape.

Arrives in Pescara Open Wine, an event dedicated to wine

Arrives in Pescara Open Wine, an event dedicated to wine

Partesa Open Wine arrives in Abruzzo , an event dedicated to wine excellence. The r elais The White Key of Cerreto , a few kilometers from Pescara , will be the scene of a day dedicated to tastings, meetings, targeted advice and masterclasses with the best experts in the sector and a single protagonist: wine.

Speaking of the event are the numbers: three hundred labels and fifty-four producers from Italy, Germany, France and Slovenia. Nine presences of the territory with a selection of the best wineries in the Partesa portfolio from all over Abruzzo.

An intense calendar of appointments with a limited number will accompany the tastings and meetings with the producers. It starts at 10.30 am with the vertical of Chablis . Also referred to as “the Chardonnay that comes from the cold”, this ancient French wine from the northernmost areas of Burgundy is made unique precisely by its origin: the combination of the fine Chardonnay grapes and a limestone territory very similar to that of Champagne make it exclusive its aroma. The Hamelin winery will offer seven special vintages, from 2008 to 2014.

Don’t miss the Drappier Experience , a limited number of sensory analysis masterclasses and tasting techniques led by Enzo Scivetti , Onav delegate from Bari, expert taster and member of tasting commissions in international competitions. On the occasion of the Open Wine will make available its expertise for the 35 participants who will register. There will be two sessions in which it is possible to book, the first starting at 15.30, the following will start at 16.30.

Conceived by the Partesa distribution network, Open Wine represents an important moment of encounter in which the professionals of the wine world can get in touch with the producers to create always different and innovative proposals. Barman, restaurateurs and all Ho.Re.Ca. of the territory will also have the possibility of a unique and detailed advice. Thanks to their many years of experience, the best Partesa professionals from central Italy will field their expertise to provide guidance on the perfect service, suggestions to improve the wine list and to create value around the business of each customer.

Merano Wine Festival: 12 addresses for fine dining within 20 minutes from the city

Merano Wine Festival: 12 addresses for fine dining within 20 minutes from the city

The Merano Wine Festival is definitely richer . Twenty-eight-year-old creature of the Wine Hunter – even if now he is also becoming a great food-hunter – Helmuth Köcher, mind and patron of the event, from 8 to 12 November will see the beautiful town of South Tyrol become the site of a varied series of events. Starting from the core represented by more than 950 Italian and international wineries and 120 high quality gastronomic producers up to a space dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci; again, 

Naturae et Purae and Wild Cooking curated by the versatile Angelo Carrillo with a focus on the mythical figure of the oenologist Rainer Zierock the first and on the fermented foods the second, up to the dense calendar developed for The Circle. New for this edition is the convention on innovation in collaboration with H-Farm and the Wine Business Forum. An event in which the events are full, in short, with a program that will attract thousands of enthusiasts and professionals who will populate Merano for the duration of the Festival.


In the city you can not start with Andrea Fenoglio and Sissi , with its elegant liberty room, a restaurant that offers a modern cuisine full of flavor. Among the great classics, spaghetti “Monograno Felicetti Omega3”. The largest tasting menu includes 7 courses at 90 euros, paper less than ten. For those who want to stay lighter there is the 357 bistro, always the same hand with simpler dishes and some excellent pizza.

Villa Eden – The Mindful Restaurant

A five minute drive from the center is that lovely place that is Villa Eden . Here, a few months ago, a very young cook took the reins of the kitchens. Thus, in addition to the dietary proposals reserved for guests in a state-of-the-art facility with its top-notch treatments to get back in shape, Philipp Hillebrand at The Mindful Restaurant , now also open to the public, offers fun, modern and well-prepared dishes conceived, like the choreographic “prehistoric vegetables with kohlrabi milk, aromatic herbs, horseradish and ants (yes, ants ndr) of wood”. Spend between 80 and 120 euros in a context that is worth all of them.

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